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Accu-Lines micro etching - CloseUp
Accu-Lines micro etching - CloseUp

AccuLines ClipBoard -Single Clip Fastened on Smooth Side ONLY (Item SC-71)

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The most amazing field tool since the pencil…
Just Flip it! With the Accu-Lines FlipBoard!

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The most amazing field tool since the pencil…

The AccuLine Clipboard – Single Clip Flipboard
This is a virtually indestructible clipboard with a bonus!
It’s a clipboard with a smooth writing surface, stainless steel clip on the smooth side and very professional appearance. On the flip side, the legendary Accu-Line Drawing Grid Technology awaits ready to use when you need it! This AccuLines Flipboard looks and works like a regular clipboard, except it’s better!
Just flip it! Smooth on one side with oversized stainless steel clip for holding paper, and AccuLines the other, without a clip. When you need the Accu-Lines, simply hold your paper in place with one hand, and draw straight lines without a ruler with the other.
This is the clipboard for the 90/10’rs. Use the smooth clipboard 90% of the time, but need AccuLines available at a moment’s notice; flip it over and it’s there to serve.
Accu-Lines since 1966. Always dependable; Always the best; Always with you when you need it.
The last clipboard you will ever need. Micro etched on one side to sketch straight lines without a ruler; made of virtually indestructible impact resistant material, with a stainless steel clip and designed in USA.
The perfect tool for just about anyone who wants a quality clipboard… with a BONUS!
Parents, Physicians, Home Inspectors, DIY’rs, Adjusters, Artists, Students, Landscapers, Estimators, Roof / Contractor Sales, Teachers, Architects, Engineers and more! This Accu-Lines Flipboard version include a single clip fastened on the smooth side ONLY – AccuLine sketch system on the other without a clip. Patent pending. * Does not include BullyBag Ultra Pouch, S-Biner, pen or paper or other items which may be shown in photos.*


  • The FlipBoard size is Efficient & Effective at 9″ x 12″
  • Lightweight – only 10 ounces!
  • Made of Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Select from clip on smooth or Accu-Lines side only!
  • Printed on both sides
  • Accu-Line for drawing straight lines without a ruler!
  • Wide 12cm Stainless Steel Clip(s)


  • 8-10 ounces.
  • (H) 12”  (W) 9” x (D) 3.5mm”

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Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions12 × 9 × 1 in

Clip fastened on the Accu-Lines side, Clip fastened on the smooth side (no estimatics), Clip fastened on the smooth side (with estimatics)

California Prop 65 Warning

This product can expose you to ABS which is a common plastic used in modern society for various applications including impact strength. Styrene is a chemical component of ABS which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm.  All styrene is effectively completely consumed by the chemical reaction when fabricating ABS – no styrene monomers should remain. (For more information, go to

These warnings are not required by FDA or other Federal agencies.

1 review for AccuLines ClipBoard -Single Clip Fastened on Smooth Side ONLY (Item SC-71)

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    JC Allen

    I love this Clipboard! Accu-Lines on the back makes my roof and interior sketches easy, more to scale and a lot more accurate!
    I don’t have to worry about not having it with me since the Accu-Line is right there with me all the time.
    It’s tough too! I dropped mine off the roof the other day not sure what to expect… Nothing. Not even a scratch. Very impressed.
    I’m a big fan of Accu-Lines, BullyBag and these Flipboards.

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