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DISTO D2 Laser Measure

3.50 out of 5
(2 customer reviews)


The Leica DISTO™ D2 features an intuitive back-lit LCD display in a 4oz package that is small enough to fit in your pocket.


Our newest take on the classic Leica DISTO™ D2.

Now with Bluetooth®, a fully integrated intelligent end-piece, a bright white display, and an ISO certified measuring engine with 330 foot measuring range and 1/16″ accuracy.

The Leica DISTO™ D2 features an intuitive back-lit LCD display in a 4oz package that is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Use Bluetooth® to send measurements into apps running on mobile devices.

The D2 measures from its base by default and can be configured to measure from the front.

Flip out the intelligent end-piece to 90º to hook onto outside corners or extend the endpiece fully for inside corners. The D2 will automatically measure from the end of its flip-out endpiece when fully extended. Combined with the Min/Max function, the end-piece allows you to get the tool all the way into corners for accurate diagonal measurements as shown in this Intelligent End-piece video.

The D2 calculates area and volume, and remembers the last 10 measurements taken. Use the Add/Subtract capability to combine measurements to get a precise reading of the total wall area of a room (aka “the painter function”).

The D2 includes a Pythagoras function for indirect height or width measurements. However, in a tool this size that cannot be mounted to a tripod, we recommend using the Pythagoras for estimates or rough measurements. If you need precise indirect measurements, an LDM with a tilt sensor is your best bet.

Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions7.25 × 5.75 × 2.25 in

California Prop 65 Warning

This product can expose you to ABS which is a common plastic used in modern society for various applications including impact strength. Styrene is a chemical component of ABS which is known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive harm.  All styrene is effectively completely consumed by the chemical reaction when fabricating ABS – no styrene monomers should remain. (For more information, go to

These warnings are not required by FDA or other Federal agencies.

2 reviews for DISTO D2 Laser Measure

  1. Avatar
    4 out of 5

    Rigby Clark

    Great was to ensure accurate long distance measurements. Won’t trust a measurement without one.

  2. Avatar
    3 out of 5

    Charlie Tom

    The E7500i is worth the extra money, don’t cut corners – get the best!

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