Elite Paddle Pro Pack Combo


Paddle Pro Pack with 12+ items
The Ultimate Field Inspection Package.
A full geared combo pack made exclusively for field professionals such as:
Catastrophe Adjusters, Daily Adjusters, Home Inspectors, Roof Inspectors and Sales, Engineers, Architects, Estimators, Public Adjusters, Surveyors, Flood Adjusters & more!

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Paddle Pro Pack Combo is nothing short of high speed/low drag.
This combo pack is what the field professional needs to hit the ground running and keep crushing it; day in, and day out.
This combo pack system with the legendary BullyBag Ultra Pouch on a Paddle Clip

This full geared combo is designed for field professionals such as Catastrophe Adjusters, Daily Adjusters, Home Inspectors, Roof Inspectors and Sales, Engineers, Architects, Estimators Public Adjusters, Surveyors, Flood Adjusters & more!

The Paddle Pro Pack is our Elite combo with out #1 selling BullyBag Ultra Pouch:
– BullyBag Ultra Pouch – balance over bulk, by design.
Large floating chamber for field tool you use the most and designed to be easy to clean.
Inner sealable chamber for pitch tool, 100′ tape, bungee or other tools.
3 outer chambers for camera, laser measure, phone or other inspection tools
Business card chamber
Powder coated utility clip for your tape measure
2 hidden slots for housing your Haag Shingle Gauge as well as Dyna-Bar or other tools
4 – Big 1″ D-Rings for tethering other gear.
2 pen & 2 battery slots, so you are always at the ready.
Includes retractable Badge & Gear retainers to help you keep your camera and other tools safe.The Ultra Pouch is the best tool pouch for any inspector and estimator… PERIOD.

The Paddle Pro 12+ Pack includes the following:
– BullyBag Ultra Pouch on Paddle Clip
– 6oz Gear Retainer for lightweight retention of the tools you use most like cameras, etc.
– 2oz Badge Retainer for retention of badges, pens, or a small gauge
– Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge
– Haag 1/12 Shingle Gauge
– BullyBag & Tool Company Pitch & Slope Indicator
– Stanley 100′ Tape Measure
– DynaBar MultiPry 7″ Pry Bar for checking and documenting your work such as layers, taking samples etc. DynaBar is a small but versatile tool to perform a comprehensive inspection.
– BullyBag AdjustaGRIP 25′ Tape Measure – With it’s oversized rubber grip and magnetic tip-AdjustGRIP is the best 25′ tape measure for the field inspector/estimator.
– Nite Ize S-Biner #1
– Nite Itse S-Bine #4
– Accu-Line Flipboard (Double sided/Double clip clipboard with estimation reference 302)
– 1 Large BullyBag Orange Bandit Z-Pack for storing your gear, papers, etc.

* The small #1 double clip is PERFECT for tethering your camera lanyard or other small tool to the Gear Retainer or belt.
* The plastic #4 double clip is terrific for tethering you clipboard, gauges or other gear you need often to such areas as your belt, bag, or retainers.
* Accu-Line double clip/double sided clipboard with estimation tips on the smooth side, and Accu-Line gridded board on the other giving you the ability to make accurate sketches; draw straight lines without a ruler, with ease and stability.

BullyBag is the Professional tool pouch for quick, secure, and balanced tool access.

Be a PRO. Be effective.
Save money and perform like the professional you are with the BullyBag Bandit 12 Pack+.

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* Does not include other tools or equipment pictured unless listed as included in sale *

Additional information

Weight64 oz
Dimensions12 × 12 × 8 in

BBBS Components - Downloadable Instructions

The BullyBag Bandit Belt System uses industrial VelCro, intrinsic Belts & physics.
Customize your Bandit Belt System with individual components. Please download this pdf for complete instructions.

Download PDF


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