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Tim Reyer

Insurance Adjuster

Tim embodies the true entrepreneur spirit.  After a few years of working for a insurance claims company he made the move to doing it himself.  6 years later he hasn’t looked back.  Tim makes his living from insurance adjusting and is a great example of how you can too! Read more about how Tim uses his BullyBag and how you might be able to do the same.

Sarah Lisby

Independent Insurance Adjusting

10 years ago Sarah was recruited to be an insurance adjuster due to the ability to travel, use people skills, and manage her own day. There has been no looking back as Sarah has excelled in the industry and used her motivation and talent to find new ways to do her job better and safer. Read more about how the BullyBag has helped Sarah and how it might help you!

Chad Fordyce

Welder/Firefighter/Retired Marine

Chad has a great story of someone who works hard within a trade and wasn’t willing to stop that when the job was over. Chad has taken his love for welding along with the discipline and safety instilled by the Marine Corps and shown us that not only is the fire still burning after 20 years, but it is burning better than ever with a BullyBag! Read more about how Chad uses his BullyBag and how you might be able to do the same.

Evan Gosney

Independent Catastrophe Adjuster

Starting as a local roofing salesman, Evan has shown his toughness and grit as he worked his way to being a successful independent Cat Adjuster. Working around the world, the BullyBag is a must have. Read more bout how Evan got started and how he uses his BullyBag.

Marcus Flores

Entrepreneur/Independent Contractor

Marcus Flores has an unconventional twist to the BullyBag. As an entrepreneur for nearly 3 years, Marcus finds himself doing a wide range of activities that would be a lot easier with an extra set of hands, or an extra set of cargo-short pockets!  The BullyBag has been the tool pouch Marcus was looking for but didn’t even know it. Read about how Marcus uses his BullyBag and how it is helping keep Marcus in the flow as he moves from project to project.