BullyBag & Tool Company


Born from catastrophe, grown by grit, and nurtured in tradition, the BullyBag & Tool Company, Inc. was conceived long before its inception, and long before it was named.

Designed from a spirit of “someone has to do something,” founder Jerod Allen began his search for an all-utility pouch while adjusting insurance claims back in 2011. Over the next several years, he became increasingly frustrated at the lack of a tool pouch for Adjusters and Estimators, and soon he began designing his own… not an easy task! Over the course of the next 5 years, deployment after deployment and hundreds of interviews with Adjusters and Contractors he slowly began perfecting the what would come to be know as the BullyBag Ultra Pouch. 5 years in design, then an additional nearly two years of field testing the prototype and countless revisions, the BullyBag arrived. Designed to help you to Claim the Storm.

While working Hurricane Irma, using the BullyBag prototypes 3 and 5, he found the manufacturer that builds the weaponry bags for the United States Marine Corps. Being a Marine himself, Jerod knew he had found the right persons to handle the quality stitching and complex components required to build the BullyBag. Dozens of revisions later, the BullyBag as you see now, was finally ready in mid 2018. The logo and name was inspired by by the USMC, and of course Chesty, the mascot for the United States Marine Corps. Grit, determination, and tradition is sewn into every ballistic fiber of the BullyBag and our Bulldog was chosen to grace the face of the company with that same reminder. That lovable rugged Bulldog on the face of each pouch is there to remind us that grit, determination tradition is intrinsic your success.

Wherever you are, whatever your profession, the BullyBag is by your side, ready to help, without weighing you down.