How we came to be the BullyBag

BullyBag & Tool Company, Inc began not as a company, but as a way to solve one problem; Find a tool pouch that was lightweight, rugged, and effective. In 2009, with 25+ years of construction various construction experience, founder Jerod Allen became an Independent Insurance Adjuster.  By 2011 he was a full time IA, with no more than a week off at Christmas.  To say that roofers and adjusters work long hours would be an understatement; he had finally found the career he was cut out for, Catastrophe Adjusting.  The only problem was, there wasn’t a effective tool pouch designed for professional estimating.  The one product that was on the market was heavy, bulky and really overpriced.  He needed a bag that was lightweight, comprehensive, and had his tools where he needed them, when he needed them. His idea quickly became a prototype concept to proof and then another, all the while field testing and improving the functionality. After months of running catastrophe claims from dawn to dusk with his prototype BullyBag, it was official,   The status quo tool belts/pouches on the market just simply didn’t work for catastrophe pro’s. With so much technology and manufacturing capabilities available, he committed to solving the problem faced by him and his peers.  Now solved, the product is complete and available for you to use for years of durable service. – The BullyBag.

erod has worked with professionals from around the world to ensure this product uses the best and most durable materials, using cutting edge ergonomics and manufacturing techniques. We are pleased to present this product and we hope this makes all of your safer and easier to manage on the work site.

The BullyBag gets its name from the rough and tough features and from the heritage of the United States Marine Corps and the USMC Bulldog Chesty as a base pooch for the logo.  The Bag simply puts any other tool bag/belt to shame. Ever a protector, BullyBag & Tool Company and the people that work it, in no way condones bullying whatsoever and contribute to many charities to include several various anti-bullying programs. 

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