Bullybag Industry Tool Solutions for Promotions

Co-Brand &/or Private Label

We work with distributors across the nation to fulfill corporate brand exposure utilizing our premium quality industry tool solutions.
Brands owned and registered by BB&TCI include but are not limited to:
Bullybag, Bandit, SideBar, DynaBar, & Accu-Line
We provide exclusive access of our proprietary products for promotional distributors, delivery on time as promised and warranty every purchase of the BullyBag G2 Ultra Pouch, Side Scribe, AlphaDog ToolPack as well as custom print Accu-Line FlipBoards and Accu-Line CAD-Mat Sheets.
Photos of examples provided are for example only and are not an endorsement for the use of our products.  For more information or to get started with your private label order, submit for a corporate/dealer account or you may contact us at [email protected].
If you do not have a promotional distributor, we will help you establish a relationship with one.
SAGE: 254577
PPAI: 794972