Bandit Belt System w Ultra Pouch and Side Scribe




The Ultimate Field Inspection ToolBelt System
The BandIt Belt System with Ultra Pouch and Side Scribe – everything you need to carry all the tools you use in one organized, balanced, and modular belt system.
Superior versatility & organized functional design have made BullyBag™ the go to for field inspection, estimation and management professionals around the globe.

The Bandit Belt System is modular.
Both the Ultra Pouch or Clipboard Pouch/Tech Carrier can be worn on the right or left side. Mix it up and place them the way you want.  You can hold and implement other tools around the belt as needed. The Bandit Belt System comes complete with padded belt w D-Rings for holding additional gear and tools.  Place the Side Scribe or Ultra Pouch wherever you prefer!
Hands free and ready to conquer each inspection and more.
The Side Scribe is versatile and unique.  The Side Scribe Carrier can be worn cross body in messenger bag style with the included adjustable strap, making the Side Scribe as versatile and adaptable as you are.
Lightweight and rugged, you will love the versatility of the Side Scribe combined as a component of the BullyBag Belt System…  the most lightweight and comprehensive inspection and estimation field carrier ever.
The Side Scribe utilizes a cargo net backing to contain and help vent your heat sensitive electronics. The best field carrier for your necessary but all too cumbersome tools such as clipboard, Accu-Lines, Laptop, paper, folder and more. Remain hands free and handle the small or large job, complex inspection or estimation with ease and comfort.
On the other side is the BullyBag Ultra Pouch!
Boasting 12 chambers in all
the Ultra Pouch can handle what you need when you need it providing organized tool availability while remaining balanced and comfortable without having to reach around for different pouches.
Made of Ballistic Nylon, the Ultra Pouch is easy to clean with a floating main chamber, a hidden in-side Vel-Cro™ secured pouch perfect for tools such as a 100’ tape or other field tool with 5 sealable Vel-Cro™ pouches in all
4 – 1″ Powder Coated D-Rings
 made for tethering gear;
3 elastic top ridged pockets with oversize flaps for phone, camera, laser measure etc.
Complete with powder coated utility/tape clip 
2 hidden slots
 for a SideBar, pry-bar, Haag shingle gauge or other linear tool; 
2 pen & 2 battery slots
so you are always ready.

*This BullyBag Bandit Belt System comes complete with:
-Belt Small 28-32 / Medium – 33-39 / Large – 40-48
-Side Scribe Field Carrier with adjustable strap for versatile messenger bag application
-Ultra Pouch
– Also included is one each of our Badge and Gear Retainers to help you keep your Haag Shingle Gauges, camera or other light tools from becoming a falling hazard.

BullyBag is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
All product are skillfully designed in the USA

The BullyBag™ Bandit Belt System: Ready to work, just as hard as you are.

Claim the Storm™ with BullyBag™ Ultra Pouch today!

Additional information

Weight64 oz
Dimensions13 × 13 × 5 in

Small, Medium, Large

BBS Component - Downloadable Instructions

The BullyBag Bandit Belt System uses industrial VelCro, 2 Belts & physics to lock them in.
You can customize the Bandit Belt System with individual components. Please download this pdf for complete instructions.

Download PDF


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