Bullybag®G2 Ultra Pouch

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Bullybag® G2 Ultra PouchHyper versatile, Professional, ComprehensiveAvailable in 3 color variations w/wo retainers.Retainers recommended for persons working at height: Adjusters, Roof Sales, Project Managers, Grips, etc..Get your BB&TC G2 Ultra Pouch today!


Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch beyond exceptional – it is ultra ultra!  Lightweight / Ultra Comprehensive / High Speed; Low Drag
In the military, G2 refers to intelligence – the Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch is just that.  Inspired by professionals in the field such as corporate franchisor BrickKicker their legions of field inspection professionals,
Field Adjusters, Project Managers, Roof Sales, Estimators and Inspectors.  The G2 Ultra Pouch is exceptional and is the ultimate in professional field success.  The G2 Ultra Pouch is a high-speed, low drag, hip holstered unit on a Paddle Clip.
The Bullybag Ultra Pouch, the #1 Inspection field carrying tool pouch, is renowned the world over.
New for 2021, the G2 Ultra Pouch bolsters an incredible 15 pockets in all (wow), 8 of those sealable hook-n-loop chambers (5 of which are contained as the main chamber).  Capable and comprehensive yet compact to hold all your field tools: Chalk, tape measures, laser measures, screwdrivers, screws, moisture meter, voltage tester, gloves, masks, washers; just about anything that needs it’s own compartment for quick availability and securement will be contained in one quick, lightweight, high speed unit. Rugged, comprehensive and hyper professional aesthetics – made to endure. The G2 Ultra Pouch is your versatile, organized, time-efficient, functional & hyper-effective edge in the field.  Bullybag® – Industry Tool Solutions.

Bullybag® G2 Ultra Pouch is the Best Inspection Pouch Ever Made:
Reinforced Paddle Clip – High speed, balance and low drag.  Color of the Paddle matches the color of the rugged double stitched accent thread (Black/Grey/Pink)
15 specialty pouches in all  – Massive organization in one compact hip holstered unit.  The Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch takes you from ordinary to efficient & effective.
1680 Ballistic Nylon – The original Flak Jacket material – rugged, sleek, reliable & professional.
Reinforced ergonomic “Paddle” hip-clip – All-day balance and comfort – Balanced easy-on, easy-off. High speed – low drag. No belt required.
Quality – Double-stitched seams = Strength, and assurance of years of dependability.
Business card chamber – Because you need them (and probably left those in the truck).
Easy to Clean – A floating main chamber pulls out, making cleaning & maintenance a breeze.
Daisy Chain
 A daisy chain feature along the outer bottom, great for attaching additional gear.
4 – 1″ Powder Coated D-Rings – Versatility for tethering tools worth keeping.
3 Elastic top ridged pockets with oversize flaps – Because you protect what you need and use every day (phone, camera, laser measure, etc…) Elastic ridges provide access & security.
Utility/Tape Measure Clip – Designed and powder coated for effective & intra-daily use.
2 Vertical Tool Slots – For linear tools like SideBar, Haag shingle gauge, screwdrivers, & more.
4 screwdriver/pen holsters – Pen / screwdriver holsters increase versatile & effectiveness.
Variety & Strength – The Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch Paddle is made of rigid impact resistant material and is reinforced with a 3 steel rivet attachment system & color matched to the accent thread.
Branding – 3″x4″ soft hook n loop pad for personal branding or securing other tools.
Details – Bulldog logo branding on the outer 3 flaps displays out attention to detail
Paddle / accent thread color is available in grey, pink and black colors.
Backed by a field replacement warranty against manufactures defects. We stand behind our products and the pro’s who use them.
*The Ultra Pouch is available with / without  retractable Tool Managers 1-Badge Retainer & 1-Gear Retainer. Retainers hedge against your field tools becoming lost or a falling hazard.
Buy your Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch today!

Claim the Storm® w Bullybag®
Industry Tool Solutions

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Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in
Retainer Options

With Retainers, W/O

Accent Color:

B Black, Candy Pink, Storm Grey

3 reviews for Bullybag®G2 Ultra Pouch

  1. 5 out of 5

    Mark Parlieie

    I have been a big fan of your tools and gear for a long time now. I own the original Paddle as well as the belt system, but I have to say I absolutely love the new Gen 2. You have really outdone yourself with this design. The G2 is is unreal! The balance, rigidity, the additional pockets are hyper useful. As a Building Consultant I use this bag daily and can’t imagine my work without it. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing tools and tool carriers made specifically for our professions. I bought the Black on Black and have to say it is terrific. Thanks again – Mark Parlieie

  2. 5 out of 5

    Capital G Inspections, Inc.

    The G2 is even better than the first one!
    I love the added interior pockets. It makes the bag more organized and gives it a cleaner look on the outside too! The best part is that I’m not dragging tools across interior finishes or snagging them on a rafter. I’m also interested in how I can obtain one of those super snazzy patches with my company logo for the top of my new pouch. Whatever the cost, just let me know.
    Your products are definitely worth every penny and I will continue to sing your praises to all that will listen.
    Capital G inspections, Inc.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The G2 has overcome the prior generation’s weak rivet attachment. Full disclosure, I probably stuff it with too much stuff, but as a home inspector I love having my most used tools at my fingertips. This company has stood behind its product too. The warranty is fantastic!
    The added pockets on the G2 really help keep everything where it fit and I love the hook/loop velcro patch on the top too, now to find a custom design shop!
    I agree with Mark and Garrett. Keep doing what you’re doing. It makes our jobs so much easier!

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