BB Client Profiles - Evan

Evan Gosney - Independent Catastrophe Adjuster

I got my start as a salesman for a local roofing company in Kansas City, MO. I was primarily working with Catastrophe Adjusters on Wind and Hail claims. While meeting with them their profession peaked my interest in that industry. I wanted to be able to work in all parts of the country and not just in one location. So I acquired the proper training and licenses to become a full time Independent Catastrophe Adjuster. After that I headed to get my equipment.  My original work belt was heavy, bulky, and over-bearing. I found the BullyBag to be lightweight, compact, and perfect for all the inspecting that I do.

On any given day, you will find these items in Evan’s BullyBag:

  • Chalk
  • Digital Roof Pitch Gauge
  • Haag Roof Shingle Gauge
  • 35 ft. Fat Max Tape Measure
  • 100 ft. Tape Measure
  • Pens
  • Clip Board
  • Bungee Strap for a Ladder Tie-off
  • Snips
  • Camera
  • Zip-Zips

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BullyBag Usage
BullyBag Usage
BullyBag Usage