New Hire Onboarding Service

Your new hires are going to need tools to get the job done… and bring in the work. Rounding up those tools so they can be productive sucks. A lot.

Let’s face it, your time could be much better utilized than going around to Home Depot, then ABC, then maybe an ACE or a different shop to find tools for every new hire (and of course they’re probably out of stock of at least one of the tools you need for them!)

You could have your new hire waste their time hunting for tools… or you can use our New Hire Onboarding Service.

BullyBag Bundle



We provide a service to help alleviate the stress of doing this by providing you with the tools you need for your new hires (or just replacements).

You tell us what tools you need for each new hire; when you onboard a person, just put in a request for however many packs you need using our simple purchase order form and we ship them straight to you.


We know what to ship because you have already told us what you need.

No sales tax. No shopping around. No time lost. Zero frustration.

This whole process is seamless, saves you and your personnel A LOT of time and frustration, and as a bonus, it’s less expensive. Should you have products needed for new hires such as moisture meters, etc. that we do not currently sell, let us know and we will do our best to create a relationship with that product line in order to make your new hire packs as comprehensive as possible.

For even more savings, be sure to apply for a corporate account!

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