Babson 8 Pack Combo


Bullybag Babson 8 Pack Combo (Belt Channel)
Nearly $168.00 of tools! – Buy today and save when you bundle!

  • BullyBag Ultra Pouch Babson with Belt Feed Through Channel
  • Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge
  • Tool Managers:
    • 1 – 6oz Gear Retainer
    • 1 – 2oz Badge Retainer
  • AdjustaGRIP 25′ Tape Measure
  • SideBar 7″ Pry Bar
  • Bullybag Pitch Indicator
  • Stanley 100′ Long Tape


BULLYBAG Babson 8-Pack – Total field package and save money when you bundle!
The 8-Pack – Combo Pack Includes:

BullyBag Ultra Pouch Babson w Belt Channel
Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge
SideBar Inspection Pry Bar
AdjustaGRIP 25′ Tape
Stanley 100′ Long tape
Johnson Pitch Indicator
Badge Retainer
Gear Retainer
BULLYBAG Ultra Pouch made from Ballistic Nylon w/ Holster Style Hip Clip for Ease, Comfort, & Control. Premium Quality Professional Adjuster Tools Ultra Pouch: 4- D Rings, Slots/Pockets for Laser Measure, Camera, Haag 4/09 Shingle Gauge, Pry Bar, Chalk, Phone, Business Cards & More!
BULLYBAG SideBar 7″ MultiPry tool for checking layers, lifting shingle for using shingle gauge, siding samples, etc.
BULLYBAG AdjustaGRIP – Stop wasting time and frustration on tape measures that don’t hold! Stop slippin and start gripping with the BULLYBAG AdjustaGRIP Tape measure with large round rubber grip claw/foot!
BULLYBAG 6oz gear retainer & 2 oz badge retainer – perfect for tethering camera, badge, shingle gauge or other light tools!

About the BullyBag Babson
Whether on your personal belt, a Cobra style clasp or part of as PFAS Harness Rigging, the Babson is by your side ready to work.
My first catastrophe manager was Robert Babson and some of his first words to me were “You’re an adjuster… Adjust!”. Adjust I did. Years of adjusting catastrophe after catastrophe I learning from one of the best in the business. Tough but balanced.  The “Babson” was named in honor of Robbie and features a belt feed through channel which allows a belt as wide as 2 inches to pass through and attach to yourself or harness. The BullyBag “Babson” is a great system for those who prefer a belt feed through loop to attach or implement as part of a harness system such as the SuperAnchor Harness.
The BullyBag “Babson” Ultra Pouch is everything you need in one compact, lightweight hip holstered package. Durable and good looking as it is functional, with reinforced stitching leading the way for balanced tool storage.
Features made to work:
BullyBag is the ultimate in comprehensive lightweight effect comfort & control tools.

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