Ferret Plus – Inspection Camera


Ferret Plus – The ultimate innovation in inspection technology. Includes on board memory and a non-contact voltage detector to help detect live cables. Perfect for DIY’rs to the experienced Pro.
A must have for home inspectors, electricians, plumbers, builders, HVAC, lighting installers, & more.


The Ferret Plus brings you the ultimate innovation in inspection technology.
Includes built-in (on board) memory
Non-contact voltage detector that is not handheld to help detect live cables from a greater reach than ever before. Work smarter, not harder.
App controlled variable focus lens
Super-fast charge
Increases productivity, and safety.
The Ferret Plus is a terrific tool for Adjusters, Project Manager, Roof and Construction Sales, Fire Safety Inspectors, Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, and so many more.
Ferret has engineered new technology in order to provide you with the ability to see, document, retrieve and feed where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.
If you need to locate, disclose, document and find the damage, then the Ferret Pro is the perfect tool for you and your team.



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