2021 – Storm Season Forecasts + a HOT Real Estate Market = Inspections

With remnants of 2020’s memorable storm season still very much in our recent memories and super low interest rates have got home buying super hot this year! To make maters even more interesting, 2021 has already show sever weather across the south and southwest from record freezing temps to turbulent tornadoes with global climate patterns and atmospheric pressures encouraging more year-round events. Several pre-season forecasts (issued by national meteorological services) are predicting as many as sixteen major storms, seven of which are expected to be hurricanes, and the development of a mild La Niña by the third quarter.

If last year was any indication, there will be no shortage of work for insurance adjusters, home inspectors, roof sales and project managers. There is great benefit, however, in knowing ahead of time the kind of next-level organization your workload will likely demand.

Three Attachment Options for Bullybag Ultra Pouches

The role of on-site claims adjusting, as well as the roles of mitigating and reconstructing contractors, requires long hours, physical strength, mental and physical stamina, and a high anxiety threshold;  all of which, during a steady 16 hour work day, tends to take a toll. No excuses and no complaints.  Victory loves preparation.  Trips back and forth to your vehicle for a tool you forgot in order to get the job done… again?  They can become the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  The wasted time and steps are inexcusable and will become agonizing and frustrating as well as time-consuming…tearing at the very fabric of your mettle and your ability to perform as a professional

There are three different attachment styles for The BullyBag Ultra Pouch. Your specialty and personal taste will help you determine which is best for you. 

  1. The G2 with Paddle Clip – Slides onto your waistband for quick and easy removal while providing comfort, balance and comprehensive tool access. Home inspectors, adjusters, roof sale, project managers and electricians find this useful.  Providing high-speed organization boasting 15 tool chambers in all; 5 elastic rimmed openings to secure tools without the need for closing, a daisy chain to quickly and easily attach additional gear, 2 closed-bottom & 2 open-bottom pen/screwdriver holsters (so you can put anything you want through it). Large floating chamber with 4 tool pockets encompassing. The G2 Ultra Pouch is intelligence in the filed and comes in 3 Color options –
    Black on black; Gray on black,; Pink on black.
  2. The Babson – Secures to your waist by the use of a belt-feed-through feature to slide on and off using your own personal waist belt. G1 Ultra Pouch design with 12 chambers in all. Also, the Babson can be used as part of your PFAS gear for the rope and harness pro’s!
  3. The Bandit Belt System – A D-ring loaded, two-belt system attaches with a hook-in-loop sandwich system. The padded-belt provides all day comfort and is modular so you can add components to the belts such as the SideScribe for your laptop/clipboard, drill holster, hammer holster, multitool pouch, and more. Comprehensive comfort.

The Exciting New “Generation 2” Bullybag Ultra Pouch 

March is International Women’s Month, and as our way of celebrating, we’re rolling out the Bullybag G2 Ultra Pouch! Available in black on black, grey on black, and pink on black. 
We say “Helloooooooo, Pink Ultra Pouch!”   


The Marines understand “G2” means intelligence and we have really outdone ourselves with the intelligence of this bag.  The G2 Ultra Pouch, from design to construction, it’s seriously smart, tough and good looking..

The new G2 Ultra Pouch by BullyBag is not just an ultra pouch, it is ultra ultra!  The changes to the Ultra Pouch Paddle were inspired by the needs of our home inspector partners; in particular franchisor, BrickKicker. The resulting product is a high speed, low drag hip holstered unit with an additional 3 sealable pockets within the main chamber, perfect for securing Ferret Cam, screws, voltage tester, gloves, masks, washers or other items that need their own compartment. The Bullybag G2 has a total of 15 specialty pouches and defines Bullybag as Industry Tool Solutions.

We replaced the battery holsters with full length screwdriver/pen slots making it even more versatile; the hooks have given way to a daisy chain feature along the outer bottom, great for clipping additional gear. The Paddle is reinforced with a 3 steel rivet system and color matched the paddle and added some Bulldog branding on the outer 3 flaps.  

The G2 is sooooo good looking! Who knew field pros could look so sharp!? (Amiright?!) Aesthetic developments in the G2 Ultra Pouch include the use of a “branding pad” to secure your company’s logo or additional tools and is available in the following colors:
– Black on Black
– Grey on Black
– Pink on Black

BB&TC is very proud of the G2 Ultra Pouch, and we think you will be impressed with its highly effective usability, and be proud to be a part of our BullyBag Pack. 

Check out our many design options and configurations to make sure you’re ready to Claim the Storm. 

Industry Tool Solutions available at Bullybag.com!

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